What is herb magick?

I bet you use herbs almost every day. Whether it’s for your savory meals or comforting teas, we use herbs daily. Believe it or not, you’re probably using herbs with great healing properties. The purpose of herbs is more than to add flavor or an extra ‘oomph’ to your dish.

Now, what makes using herbs different from herbal magic? The secret is that magic is based on one thing: intention. According to Scott Cunningham, writer of magical herbs, the foundation “of herb magic -and all magic- is the power.” In other words, power is the energy behind creation as we know it. Cunningham calls it “the very substance of existence itself.”

“Magic is the practice of causing change through the use of powers as yet not defined or accepted by science. […] magic can be used when no other means are available.”Scott Cunningham, 

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

So, don’t be afraid of using herbs to cast spells! In this easy guide, you will learn herb’s magical properties so you can use them to fulfill your needs through the power of these herbs and your intentions. From medicinal herbs to casting love spells with the very same herb, you can use it to your advantage. Do you want to cultivate self-love? Is there a broken relationship you would like to heal from? Is a cloud of scarcity hovering over you now? Do you want to attract more money?

So, don’t be afraid of using herbs to cast spells! In this easy guide, you will learn herb’s magical properties so you can use them to fulfill your needs through the power of these herbs and your intentions. From medicinal herbs to casting love spells with the very same herb, you can use it to your advantage. Do you want to cultivate self-love? Is there a broken relationship you would like to heal from? Is a cloud of scarcity hovering over you now? Do you want to attract more money?

You have come across this article for a purpose. This is your moment to gain all the information you need to use herb magick.

How does it work?

So here’s the deal: there must be a reason to call upon magical powers. This reason is a need.

“A desire often masquerades as a need, but in magic a ‘desire’ is not enough; there must exist an all-encompassing need.”

Scott Cunningham, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

In what ways can we use herbs for magic?

Now that you understand your need, the good news is that you can perform herbal magic even when you prepare your favorite tea. The use of herbs for their healing properties is very common. Did your grandmother have any home remedies that consisted of mixing up a few herbs or a special tea that made you feel better whenever you had a cold? Then, you know that herbs can be used for magick and medicinal purposes. That’s what makes herbs so special!

In medicine plants, we can find allied forces that help us attack what causes illness. What these herbs do is try to bring balance to the organism that is vulnerable to illnesses. The secret of herbology lies in eliminating the causes and not symptoms. Nature has been for ages the foundation of medicine. Yet to ease symptoms, seeking medical advice and diagnosis is best advised.

If you find pride in having a green thumb, gardening becomes a sacred space where magic dwells. Or if there’s no space for a garden, cooking can become a healing ritual anyone can experience in the comfort of their homes. The creation of spells can start with the pot. By adding a specific herb that goes with the spell you’re creating, food preparation becomes a powerful ritual.

Warning! Please, be careful with poisonous plants. Even inhaling the smoke can be dangerous.

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Read below to find the herbs you can use to fulfill your need:

Wiccan Herbs Chart

Protection Spells


Also known as Arabic Gum, Mimosa, Thorntree or Wattle. If you need protection against evil eyes, then use this herb to anoint candles and censers. It can be used to consecrate chests or boxes that hold ritual tools. In incense, used to promote a meditative state. You can also scatter it around an area to purify your chosen space. To break hexes and prevent future problems, use in the bath.


This plant is also known as Monkshood, Mousbane, Blue Rocket, and Queen of Poisons. Be careful, this is a high toxic plant and should not be consumed. So, use aconite to wash your ritual tools and space. Wear it as an amulet to protect yourself from energy vampires.


Used for good luck, protection, wisdom, and personal power. A dried acorn is an excellent natural amulet for keeping a youthful appearance. Did you know that you can make acorn coffee? It treats common digestive discomforts.

African Violet

Herb for spirituality, protection, and healing. Wear this beautiful herb as an amulet for protection. Keep in a sacred space in your home to increase spirituality. It’s frequently burned as incense during the spring Equinox Sabbath.


Also called ague root or ague weed. This herb can be worn in amulets to protect against evil energy. Mix with incense and burn to break a hex that has been placed on you.


This herb is associated with divination, music, poetry, wind magick, weather magick, teaching, and decision making. Use in rituals of death to provide protection for the deceased.


Used for prosperity and antihunger spells. But you can burn in a cauldron or on a pot and use the ashes in amulets for protection from hunger and poverty. It’s also called Lucerne, Buffalo Herb, and Purple Medic.


This beauty is a powerful multifaceted plant that can aid in protection and luck. Place on the grave of a loved one to promote peaceful energy. Hang or place in a pot in the home to attract luck and protection for those who live there. Grow in your garden to provide protection from household accidents. Burn on the night of a full moon to bring a new lover by the new moon. Also called Burn Plant, Medicine Plant, for it can also ease many skin problems.

Althea Root

Popularly known as marshmallow root, you can use this herb to bring protection by burning it or placing it in a sachet. It can also calm an angry person, and aid psychic powers. Keep on the altar or burn on candles to attract good spirits. You can consume in small doses to relieve coughs and healing wounds.


This plant doesn’t just repel insect pests, but it can also bring protection to your home. You can use the stems, leaves, and flowers in your favorite salads to add a zest. It also helps to treat colds, coughs, cavities, and abdominal pains.


This summer plant, commonly called pigweeds, aids healing, summoning spirits, and provides protection from bullets. Its consumption treats ulcers, diarrhea and high cholesterol. Keep as a decorative plant and it will bring protection from any harm intended to you.


The sweet amber plant protects you from harm, outside influences, and psychic attacks. It brings mental clarity and focus, transforming negative energy into positive energy. Do not consume its berries since they are poisonous.


This wildflower heals and protects and is beautiful for gardens. Care for them in your entrance or garden and they will care for your home.


This is a very powerful protection herb that creates a barrier against negative energy. This herb can be scattered for purification, protection, and uncrossing. You can also add it to incense to promote healing or to the bath to remove curses, hexes, or spells. Sprinkle around the outside perimeter of the home for protection as well. Plus, you can burn it to bring a lost love back to you. Also Called: Masterwort, Archangel, Garden Angel, Angelica Root.


Used to help ward off the evil eye, but also helps improve digestion, reduce cramps and reduce nausea. Drinking star anise tea after meals treats digestive ailments such as indigestion, gas, bloating, and constipation. Fill a sleep pillow with anise seed to prevent disturbing dreams. Use incense for protection whenever you meditate. Also Called: Aniseed, Anneys, Anise Seed.


The leaf of this plant is used for travel safety. It’s linked to sea spells, ituals, image magic, invincibility, and protection from drowning. But the ash plant brings general protection and luck. Place one tablespoon of ash leaves in a bowl of water in the bedroom overnight. Then, toss out in the morning. Do this daily to prevent illness and cleans heavy energy.


This plant is also called devil’s dung because it has a foul smell and taste. But it brings protection and it banishes all ill negativity that surrounds you.


It brings eloquence, clairvoyance, and healing vibrations. Plant in your garden for protection against thieves.

Astragalus Root

Used in Chinese traditional medicine, this oriental plant possesses many benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system. Not only brings protection to your system, but also in your home.

Balm of Gilead Tears

This flower is associated with love, manifestations, protection, healing, de-stressing, and assisting in healing from the loss of a loved one. Use in love sachets and carry for healing, protection, and mending a broken heart. Also Called: Mecca Balsam, Balessan, Bechan, and TouchMeNot.


Use bamboo for decoration and it will bring protection. Carve a wish into bamboo and bury it in a secluded area to make your wish come true. Carry a piece of bamboo for good luck.


Scatter on the ground to keep evil at bay. Tie a barley straw around a rock and throw into a river or lake. Visualize any pain you have to make the pain go away.


This is a favorite of mine. It’s great to drive off hostile spirits. Carry with you to maintain a positive manner despite danger nearby. Strewn on floors to provide protection from evil. Sprinkle basil in a hot bath to wash yourself in protective energies. Also known as Common Basil, Sweet Basil, St. Josephwort, St. Joseph’s Wort, Tulsi, Tulasi, Krishnammal, Kala Tulasi, Witches’ Herb, Alabahaca, American Dittany.

Bay Leaf

Protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, healing and psychic powers. Write wishes on the leaves and then burn the leaves to make the wishes come true. Place in the corner of each room in the house to protect all that dwell there. Carry bay leaf to protect yourself against black magick.


This deadly plant provides protection when placed in a secret place in the home. Place on a ritual altar to honor the deities and add energy to rituals. Please, do not ingest. Also Called: Banewort, Deadly Nightshade, Sorcerer’s Berry, Witch’s Berry, Death’s Herb, Devil’s Cherries, Divale, Dwale, Dwaleberry, Dwayberry, Fair Lady, Great Morel, Naughty Man’s Cherries.


This natural antidepressant can soothe anxiety. It also offers protection from evil and illnesses. It improves memory, stopping interference and promoting restful sleep. Burn at any ritual to increase its power. Also Called: Orange Mint.

Betel Nut

In Taiwan, betel nut is widely known to be a popular drug of choice and a powerful herb to perform witchcraft. But you can gather the betel leaves to bring protection.

Bilberry Bark

Used for protection and to treat UTIs and poor blood circulation. This plant is also known as whortleberry, Black Whortles, Whinberry, Huckleberry, Bleaberry, Blueberry, Airelle.


A birch planted close to the home protects against lightning, infertility, and the evil eye. The birch leaf tea can help with infections and inflammation. Also known as white birch, canoe birch, paper birch, Tree of Life, Lady of the Woods.

Black Cohosh

Carry in pocket or amulet for courage and/or strength. Sprinkle around a room to drive away evil. Add an infusion of the herb to bath water to ensure a long and happy life. Place black cohosh in a purple flannel bag for protection against accidents; and to keep others from doing you wrong. Also Called: Black SnakeRoot, Bugbane, Squawroot, Bugwort, Rattleroot, Rattleweed, Rattlesnake Root, Richweed.

Black Haw

This plant is also known as Devil’s Shoestring, Stagbush, American Sloe. Keep in a sachet to feel protected.

Black Pepper

Before cleaning with sage smudge or incense, burn black pepper to get rid of bad energies in your home. Carrying black peppercorns to banish any evil eye and jealousy. You can aslo mix with salt and scatter it around your house to secure your home against evil energies.

Black Walnut

It enables access to divine energy, bringing the blessing of the Gods. Its leaves, fruits and roots are highly toxic. Do not consume.


It’s associated with healing, protection, and money. Leaves and berries are said to attract wealth and healing.


Wear in a charm for protection during travel, especially when traveling by water. Also Called: Kelp, Seawrack, Kelpware, Blacktang, Cutweed, Sea Oak, Sea Spirit.

Blessed Thistle

Carry around you for strength and protection. Place a bowl of blessed thistle in a room to renew the vitality and strengthen the spirit of its occupants. Also Called: Holy Thistle, Saint Benedict Thistle, Spotted Thistle, Cardin.


Place in windows and doorways to keep curses and evil spirits out. A favorite root for use in voodoo to defeat hexes and spells aimed against you. This plant is poisonous. Please do not consume it.

Blue Cohosh

This plant brings empowerment, purification, and drives away evil to those who own it. It also aids pains related to the uterus, stopping cramps and inflammations.

Blue Violet

Also known as sweet scented violet protects you from all evil. Carry this fragrant flower for protection and to encourage fortune. Worn to calm tempers and bring sleep.


It’s advised to place blueberries under your doormat or doorstep. It will banish any evil energy and bring protection.


Also known as agueweed and crosswort. It’s used for protection, exorcism, and warding off evil spirits. Scatter an infusion of boneset around the home to rid it of evil and negativity. It can be a mild tonic when it’s taken in small doses. If consumed in large doses, it can be a purgative. Be careful!

Broom Tops

Clean and protect the energy in your home with this plant. Sprinkle an infusion of broom tops around the home to clear away all evil. Known as Irish Broom, Scotch Broom, Besom, Scotch Broom.


This plant is a popular Hoodoo charm for gamblers. Carry in pocket for protection against arthritis. Also Called: Horse Chestnut.


This plant is a gluten-free option that not only improves your health, but protects you against harm. Use in charms and spells to get protection.


Used for cleansing magick when feeling highly negative about oneself or others. Use in protection incenses and spells. Rinse with a potion of burdock to remove negative feelings about yourself or others. Also Called: Bardana, Burr Seed, Clotbur, Cocklebur, Hardock, Hareburr, Hurr Durr, Turkey Burr Seed, Fox’s Clote, Happy Major, Lappa, Love Leaves, Personata, Beggar’s Buttons.


Known as well as italian pimpernel, salad burnet, greater burne, this plant is used for protection, consecration of ritual tools, and counter magick. It’s also used to magickally treat depression and despondency.

Butchers Broom

Its roots are used for gallstones, hemorrhoids, among other illnesses. It’s associated with wind spells and divination spells. Use it in a sachet or bag for protection.


Bury with other banishing symbols for protection. Growing it in the home or garden prevents unwanted intrusions. Place in the four cardinal points (North, South, West, and East) for full protection.


Soothes sorrows and helps in recovery from emotional pain. Increase joy and restore a bright outlook on life. Also Called: Basil Thyme, Mountain Balm, Mountain Mint.

Calamus Root

Also known as the sweet flag, the calamus root is a Hoodoo ingredient in controlling spells. Use to strengthen and bind spells. Do not consume this plant, because it’s a poisonous plant.

Calendula Flowers

This plant is known to bring protection over legal trials. To prevent evil from entering, hang garlands of calendula at your doors. Sprinkle under the bed for protection and to make dreams come true. Touch the flowers with bare feet to better understand birds. This plant is also known as marigold, summer’s bride, bride of the sun, sun’s gold, and Ruddles.


This plant is associated with health, love, protection, mental powers, memory, passion, and anti-theft. You can consecrate ritual tools. It can be used along with other protective plants, like Angelica roots. It can ward off evil spirits and illnesses from children If kept in a bag under their cribs.


Use in bath spells to achieve balance and to protect yourself. Burning carnations can strengthen your works. Also Called: Gilliflower, Jove’s Flower, Nelka, Scaffold Flower, and Gillies.

Cascara Sagrada

This plant supports intestinal health and is a detoxifier. You can wear it as an amulet for protection against evil and hexes. Wear or keep in a bowl on your altar or reading table to help you concentrate. Also Called: Sacred Bark, Purshiana Bark, Persian Bark, Chittem Bark, Bearberry.


This plant is also known as cat’s play, catmint, nip, nepeta and field balm. Keep in a sachet under the bed to bring protection while sleeping. Mix with Dragon’s Blood to rid oneself of a behavioral problem or bad habit. Grow near the home or hang over the door to attract good spirits and luck.


You can hang in the home to protect against lightning. Use in sachets to promote calmness. You can also use it in a two armed cross on the ground to make an unwanted person to get away.


This plant is associated with protection and health benefits. You can eat chia plant leaves in salads. Consume to stop gossip behind your back.


Also known as Stellaria Media, this weed has healing, protective, balance, and fidelity properties. Replace greens in your smoothie with chickweed to infuse your smoothie with protective and healing energies.


This plant is used in protection and exorcism spells. If you carry with it, it will drive negative energies away and will help to break the wearer with any bad habit.


Grow in the garden to ward off evil spirits. Also Called: Mum.


This herb brings protection and brings peace to the home. It helps one to attune with their soul. If you have a green thumb, cilantro can be your guardian against ill vibes. Its stems, called coriander, can be used in oils to anoint candles if you practice candle magic.


Burn as an incense or use in a sachet to raise spiritual and protective vibrations, draw money, and stimulate psychic powers. Hang nine sticks around the front door to ward off unwanted guests.


This is an all-purpose magickal herb. The five points of the leaf represent love, money, health, power, and wisdom. Used to clean and bless houses against bad omens. You can wash your hands and forehead with an infusion of this herb nine times to wash away hexes and evil spells against you. If you fill an empty egg shell with cinquefoil and keep it in the home it will protect it from evil forces. You can also wrap it in a red flannel and hang over the bed to ward off dark spirits of the night.


Can be used to bring protection over you and your loved ones or to banish any evil spirit.


Associated with fidelity, protection, money, love, and success, clover can be used in baths to add protection and good luck. Ten and care for this plant outside to keep snakes away from property. Sprinkle around the home to remove negative spirits.


Magickal uses include protection, banishing hostile and negative forces, and gaining what is sought. Cloves are burned to stop gossip as well as to purify & raise the spiritual vibrations of an area. Add to your tea for a sweet scent and to protect you for any evil eye.

Club Moss

You can use it in bath magick for purification and protection; or use in amulets and charms for power and protection. It’s also known as wolf’s claw.


Magickal uses include money, safety during travel, and any Saturnian purpose. Use for workings involving stability, endurance, and matters relating to real estate or property. Put some in your luggage to help prevent loss or theft. Keep this herb in a sachet to keep you from evil.


Used in fishing magic, rain, protection, luck, and healing. Burn to attract rain. Clothes made of cotton are best for magickal use.


This ornamental and edible plant is associated with protection. In India, people cultivated coxcombs around their properties to ward off evil spirits.

Cramp Bark

Used for protection against miscarriages and female energy. Since it’s antispasmodic, it can alleviate menstrual cramps. Also known as guelder rose parts.


The seed is said to prevent the theft of any object which contains it. Believed to keep evil, burn it with frankincense for protection and to drive bad luck away from your home. Or you can scatter on the floor with salt to banish evil.


Burn curry powder to keep evil forces away.


Hang in the home for protection. Burn crushed cypress wood for aid in understanding grief and death or to aid in divination. Wear or carry at funerals to ease the mind when grieving. Useful at any time of crisis. Also Called: Tree of Death.

Dandelion Root

Use in dream pillows and sachets for sleep protection, or you can use it in teas as well.

Devil’s Bit

This rare herb is associated with exorcism, love, protection, and lust.

Devil’s Claw

This protection herb can be used in a sachet. Plant around your property to keep unwanted company away.


It’s effective to keep dark forces away. Hang from children’s rooms to protect them from any ill.


This plant is used to guard diaries, journals, and the Books of Shadows.

Dragon’s Blood

This herb has strong banishing powers against negative influences and bad habits. Finely ground this herb and sprinkle around your property for protection. It’s also Called: Blood, Blume, Calamus Draco, Dragon’s Blood Palm.


Wear this plant to provide protection against evil, negativity, any attackers, and the temptation to commit adultery. This plant is also used in rites of death to protect the loved one during transport to the Otherworld. Beware, since its leaves, bark, roots, and raw berries are poisonous. Use with caution. Elder is also known as sweet elder, Tree of Doom, pipe tree, Witch’s Tree, Old Lady, and Devil’s Eye.


Attracts healing vibrations, great for protection and healing sachets. Burn to purify any space. Carry in a sachet or amulet to help reconcile difficulties in a relationship and for protection. Also Called: Blue Gum, Curly Mallee, River Red Gum, Mottlecah, Maiden’s Gum, Fever Tree, Stringy Bark Tree.

False Unicorn Root

Use it for protection for mothers and their babies. Also Called: False Unicorn, Starwort, Helonias Root.

Fennel Seed

Use in spells for protection, healing, and purification. Hang in windows and doors to ward off evil. Fennel seeds are also called Large Fennel, Sweet Fennel, Wild Fennel, Finocchio, Carosella, Florence Fennel, and Fennel Seed.


This plant is used to dispel negativity. Use in sachets and amulets for powerful auric protection.


Protection against accidents and against colds. Also Called: Featherfew, Rainfarn, Wild Quinine, Featherfoil, Prairie Dock, Missouri Snakeroot, Flirtwort, Parthenium, Febrifuge.


Wear around the neck for health and protection against the evil eye. Or use it in magickal balms for protection as well.


This plant is associated with exorcism, protection, chastity.


It offers protection to home and garden. Tend and care of the foxglove, also known as fairies thimbles, to enjoy their protection.

Frankincense Resin

It’s more known for its medicinal benefits, but you can mix with Cumin and burn as incense for powerful protection. Also Called: Frankincense Tears, Olibanum.

Galangal Root

Carry for protection, to improve psychic abilities and to bring good health. Carry to court to make the judge or jury feel favorably inclined toward you.


Gardenias promote peace and repel strife, offering protection from outside influences. Use dried flowers in healing incenses and mixtures. Scatter around a room to bring peaceful vibrations.


Magickal uses include healing, protection, exorcism, repulsion of vampires, and purification of spaces and objects. Garlic guards you against negative magic, spirits, and the envy of others. So, be mindful of the garlic’s magickal properties next time you prepare pesto sauce or any dish with this protective plant.


This plant helps you overcome negative thoughts and attitudes, lifting spirits, promoting protection and happiness. Repels insects and balances mind and body.


Place in an amulet, mojo, or medicine bag to promote good health & protection. Add ginger in your teas to bring more positive energy.


Magickal uses include love, beauty, protection, healing and lust.


This herb protects against negativity and dark magick. Also Called: Whin, Prickly Broom, Furze.


This plant is associated with protection, luck, and immortality. Carry in sachets or charms to protect against any sexual harm and violent crimes. Hang or use in home decorations to promote peace. Burn with fern to bring rain. Also known as Scotch Heather.


Place under the pillow to induce prophetic dreams and to bring protection . It is said that if you sleep with fresh heliotrope under your pillow, you will dream of the person that has stolen from your home. Also Called: Turnsole, Cherry Pie.


This plant can be used more than for dyes. It can be used to ward off the evil eye and provide protection from illnesses.


This plant also protects you in legal matters.

High John

Also known as an all-purpose herb, the uses of High John include strength, confidence, conquering any situation, obtaining success, and for protection.


Plant hollies around the outside of the home for protection.

Indigo Weed

Also called Baptisia, indigo weed is used to bring protection.

Irish Moss

Carry on trips for protection and safety.


Hang an ivy plant in front of the home to repel negative influence and discourage unwanted guests. Place ivy around the base of a yellow candle on a Tuesday to know the name of your adversary.


Banishes all things injurious to good health and attracts good, healthy energies instead. Burn juniper leaves for magickal protection. You can also place the juniper plant, also known as watchholder, near the door to your property to guard against theft.

Kava Kava

Carry kava kava, which is also called ava or ava pepper, to be protected in any travels.

Lady Slipper

Used for protection against hexes, curses, and the evil eyes.


This plant offers protection against any theft.


It’s associated with health and protection.


Burn the flowers to induce sleep and rest, then scatter the ashes around the home to bring peace and harmony.


Provides protection and is used in exorcism, and to strengthen existing loves.


Believe it or not, lettuce is associated with divination, lunar magick, sleep, protection, love spells, and male sex magic. Keep this in mind when you’re making your favorite salad.


Brings purification and protection, promoting calmness and tranquility.

Linden Flowers

Use it in love mixtures and in protection spells. You can burn it in incense.


Love, protection, psychic opening, and spiritual growth. Sacred to Egyptian gods, Indian gods, Hermes, Oshun, and Osiris.


Its magickal uses include protection, prosperity, fertility, and exorcising evil. Also Called: Mandragora, Satan’s Apple, Manroot, Gallows, Herb of Circe, Raccoon Berry, Ladykins, Womandrake, Sorcerer’s Root, Wild Lemon.


This plant is great for bath spells. Add an infusion of marigold to the bath for confidence. You can also scatter under the bed for protection while sleeping. Also Called: Bride of the Sun, Ruddes, Marigold.


This plant is used to clean and dispel negativity. Place under a pillow to bring revealing dreams. Place in the corners of the home for protection.

Marshmallow Root

Burn as an incense for protection and psychic stimulation. Place on the altar during ritual to draw in good spirits. Also Called: Althea, Sweet Weed, Mallards, Guimauve, Mortification Plant, Schloss Tea, Wymote.


This is a favorite of mine! Plant garden mint or tend for it in your home to bring protection.


This herb isn’t only used to catch kisses in Christmas. You can hang this plant around the home for protection from lightning & fire. Wear it too in an amulet to repel negativity and to protect yourself against unwanted advances.


This plant protects you from nightmares and sorcery. Place beneath pillow or use in dream pillow to guard against nightmares. Use in place of graveyard dust in spells.


Carry as a good luck charm and to feel protected. Sprinkle nutmeg powder on green candles for prosperity.

Oak Moss

Magickal uses include luck, money, protection and strength.

Olive Leaf

You can use olive leaves to bring protection and healing.

Onion Flowers

Burn onion flowers to banish bad habits and negative influences. Cut onions in half and place in the corners of a room to absorb illness, then bury or burn the onion halves in the morning. These plants are sacred to the moon.

Orris Root Cut

Add this herb in your bath for personal protection in your next ritual. Also Called: Florentine Iris, Queen Elizabeth Root.

Osha Root

It brings protection against evil spirits.


Have these plants that offer protection in your home.

Peat Moss

Moss is very beneficial to the ecosystem and it’s also thought to bring protection as well.


These beautiful flowers offer protection from hexes and jinxes. Good luck, good fortune, prosperity, and business success. Hang them around your home or in your car for protection.


It’s associated with protection and good health.


Protects you from evil spirits and snake bites, removing weariness, healing headaches; house and business blessing. Hang plantain leaves in the car for protection from evil and jealousy.


These shrubs’ magickal properties include love, happiness, luck, and protection from evil. Carry quince seeds in a red flannel bag to protect against physical attacks and harm. Use quince seeds in charms and spells about love, protection, and happiness.


This plant also brings protection.

Red Clover

Sprinkle around the home to remove negative spirits.


This plant brings fidelity and protection.


Associated with rain and fertility, rice can bring protection to those who consume it or carry it.


Use leaves and berries in amulets for healing and promoting psychic powers.


Magical uses include healing, health, mental powers, freedom and protection against the evil eye. Add this plant to your bath to break hexes and curses that may have been placed against you. If you’re pregnant, please do not handle this plant.


Scatter sandalwood powder around the home to clear it of negativity. or burn during protection, healing, and exorcism rituals.

Saw Palmetto Berries

Magickal uses include healing protection, exorcism, passion and spiritual openings. Also Called: Dwarf Palm Tree, Cabbage Palm, Sabal, Sabal Serrulat.

Sea Salt

Use to cleanse crystals, purification, for grounding, for protection rituals. Used on the altar to represent the Earth. Use along with garlic and rosemary to banish evil.

Slippery Elm

Magickal uses include protection and stopping gossip. Tie a knotted yellow thread around slippery elm and throw it into a fire to stop all gossip about you. Also Called: Red Elm, Moose Elm, Sweet Elm, Indian Elm.


Is associated with protection, exorcism, and purification spells.

Solomon’s Seal Root

Burn in incense or carry in an amulet or sachet for all-purpose protection. Use in protection magick to exorcise spirits and ward off negative influences and demons.

Spanish Moss

This plant’s magickal uses are protection, opening blockages, and dispelling negativity.


Burn this herb for healing magic, especially of respiratory conditions. Carry for healing. Use in ritual baths for strength, vitality, and protection.

St. John’s Wort

Worn to prevent colds and fevers. Protects against all forms of black witchcraft. Place in a jar in a window or burn in a fireplace to protect from lightning, fire and evil spirits. Used for banishing, protection and blessing. Burn to banish spirits and demons.


This flower brings good energy, protection, power, wisdom, and wishes.


Hang in the home to ward off thieves and unwanted visitors.


This plant can be tended for protection and hex breaking around your home.

True Unicorn Root

This plant’s magickal properties include hex-breaking and protection against evil intentions.


This plant is used to purify sacred space. Add it in a protection bath or wear to calm emotions.


This plant is associated with protection, purification, money, youth, peace, healing, and sleep. Bury in the yard or keep in the home to encourage wealth, protect from lightning and storms, and bring peace. Vervain is also known as Verbena, Britannica, Enchanter’s Plant, Enchanter’s Herb, Herba Sacra, Juno’s Tears, Holy Wort, and Lemon Verbena. 

Witch Hazel

Magickal uses include chastity and protection. Use in love spells and spells to ward off evil. You can also mop around your floors to cast away any ill vibes. It’s also known as Winter Bloom, Striped Alder, Spotted Alder, Hazelnut, Snapping Hazel and Tobacco Wood.

Wood Betony

Magickal uses include purification, protection, and the expulsion of evil spirits, nightmares, and despair. Also Called: Betony, Bishopswort, Stachys Betonica, Lousewort.


Brings victory, protection, and money. Place a pinch in your left shoe before a game and your team will be victorious.


Carry this herb in your car to protect from accidents on dangerous roads. Common wormwood is poisonous. Use with caution. Also Called: Absinthium, Green Ginger, Absinthe, Old Woman, Crown for a King.

Yerba Santa

Wear yerba santa around the neck to ward off illness and prevent wounds. Or you can use the leaves in healing or protection incenses. Use in bath water if you feel your sickness has been caused by a hex. Also Called: Consumptive’s Weed, Gum Plant, Gum Bush, Bear’s Weed, Bear Weed, Mountain Balm, Tar Weed, Tarweed, Holy Herb, Sacred Herb.


This plant is used in rituals of death, protection against evil, immortality, and breaking hexes.


A cross of yucca fiber placed on the hearth protects the home from evil. Use an infusion of yucca to cleanse and purify the body before magic. Repeat this cleansing afterwards if performing spells to remove curses, hexes, or illness. Rub a slice of yucca root all over your body once a day for seven days to remove jinxes and hexes. Also Called: Yucca Stalk, Cassava.

Love & Sex Spells

Adam & Eve Root

These plants are principally used by lovers. One lover carries the Eve Root and the other lover carries the Adam Root. This keeps your lover true to you and discourages rivals. Carry both roots in a small bag at all times for attraction, to bring a love to you, or for a marriage proposal.


On the night of a full moon, burn aloe to bring a new lover by the new moon.


You can also use angelica root to bring a lost love back to you by burning it.

Adam & Eve Root

These plants are principally used by lovers. One lover carries the Eve Root and the other lover carries the Adam Root. This keeps your lover true to you and discourages rivals. Carry both roots in a small bag at all times for attraction, to bring a love to you, or for a marriage proposal.


On the night of a full moon, burn aloe to bring a new lover by the new moon.


You can also use angelica root to bring a lost love back to you by burning it.


To attract sensual love, place seven apple seeds in a bag with Orris Root, which is also known as Queen Elizabeth root. You can use apples in rituals to give honor to gods and goddesses of fertility. Using apple-scented candles around your home will welcome the magick of apples.


Add leaves and flowers to love sachets to bring love energies in your life. You can also carry apricot pits to attract love. Apricot kernel oil is great for love spells.


This plant is used in male sex magick.


Associated with love, lust and beauty. Also used for sex magick. Also Called: Ahuacatl, Alligator Pear, Persea


Represents lust and fertility. It dispels confusion when placed in an altar before going to sleep.


Tend and care for these beautiful flowers in your garden and your wanted love will come by. In Greek, aster means ‘star’, but the aster is also known as China Aster, Michaelmas Daisy, Starwort.


This beautiful shrub is associated with happiness, gaiety and light spirits, first love. Please, note that this plant is poisonous. If you want to utilize this plant in love spells, do not consume.

Bachelor Buttons

This edible blue flower reminds us about self-love. Use with rose quartz in your self love rituals to clean intentions and remind your subconscious mind that “You are your own reward.”

Bakuli Pods

Difficult to find magic items that are used in sachets and potpourri.

Balm of Gilead Tears

Use as a spell ingredient to ease your broken heart. It also soothes lovers’ quarrels and eases problems caused by jealous co-workers and false friends. This herb is a great charm against those who are trying to bring trouble to your love-life.


Used in foods to lower blood pressure, blood sugar, promotes weight loss. Keep near to attract love.

Bedstraw (Fragrant) 

Used in spells to attract love and lust.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen brings friendship, attraction, love, strength, and happiness. It helps you overcome depression.


The beet juice can be used as ink for love magic or as a substitute for blood in spells and rituals.


This poisonous helps you to forget past loves.

Black Cohosh

Add an infusion of the herb to bath water to ensure a long and happy life. Burn as a love incense.

Blessed Thistle

It is said that men who carry thistle become better lovers.


This plant is associated with love and wishes. Carry in a red bag to grant love wishes. Blow to the four directions when searching for love.

Blue Cohosh

Since this plant is used for protection spells, you can use this benefit to break love unions. Be mindful with your intentions behind these spells.

Blue Violet

If you mix with lavender this infusion will attract lust and love.

Brazil Nut

This nut brings good luck in love affairs. Wear it as a charm in your next date.


Used for love divination and to raise one’s spirits by increasing sense of hope and faith. It’s also called: Bog Rhubarb, Butterdock, Umbrella Plant, Lagwort, Sweet Coltsfoot.


This is an ingredient for sex magick spells to increase potency, lust, and love.


This plant prevents lovers from straying when used in love spells & potions.


Associated with lust, love, and fidelity. Use cardamom essential oil in baths for a quick love spell. Since it’s an aphrodisiac, use in love sachets.


Use rose petals in love sachets. You can also use catnip to enhance beauty or happiness. Burn dried leaves for love magick too.


Associated with lust. You can also use it to treat burns, scrapes, and insect bites.


Use in the bath to attract love.


This fruit is potent in love and fertility potions and spells.

Cherry Bark

Burn it as an incense while performing divination to enhance the results, or while performing love spells to find a partner.


Brings a sense of the higher self, placing you in touch with your divine, immortal spirit. Helps in making contact with a deceased loved one. Also Called: French Parsley, Anise Chervil, British Myrrh, Sweet Cicely, Sweet Fern.


This tree is associated with love.


Carry or use to attract a lover or maintain your current relationship.

Chili Pepper

This plant is associated with fidelity, love, and hex breaking. Use in love charms & spells when you’re cooking. This spice is also called: Bird Pepper, Pod Pepper; and best known as Cayenne.


This might be funny to you, but bake an apple pie with cinnamon; or add it in a coffee for your desired one and it will make a love bud within you two. You can also wear it an amulet to bring passion.


Use in spells to bring protection to a friend or loved one taking a journey. Burn as an incense during divination to bring dreams of one’s intended mate.


Grind cloves and gather clove dust and chop jasmine flowers. Place inside a sachet and tie with a red string. This charm will help you seduce. You can also use six cloves with candles in a quick love ritual.


Use in love sachets. Coltsfoot is also known as Coughwort, Hallfoot, Horse Hoof, Foalswort, Fieldhove, and Donnhoff.


It is said that if you grow columbine in the garden, it will attract fairies. Use in spells and charms to increase courage in stressful situations. Use it for your next date if you’re stressed about it.

Copal Resin

Add to love and purification incenses. Use a piece of copal to represent the heart in poppets.


Use it in love charms and spells to bring romance or use in ritual work to ease the pain of a broken love affair. Or also add this herb to your love sachets.


It’s used in ritual work involving Goddesses associated with love. Carry to increase attractiveness and increase romantic appeal. It provides the energy to attract a partner. Cowslip is also Called: False Primrose, Keyflower, Fairy Cup, Paigle, Key of Heaven.


This plant is used in rituals and ceremonies associated with marriage and handfasting, engagements, and rituals involving commitments and sacred binding vows. Also Called: Buttercup, Gold Cup, Grenouillette, Meadow Buttercup.

Cubeb Berries

Use in sachets for love and sex. It’s also known as Tailed Pepper.


Incorporate cumin in love spells to promote fidelity. Steep in wine to make love potions. Cooking with this herb also promotes fidelity.


Place fresh daffodils in the home to increase fertility. Wear near the heart to bring good luck. Also Called: Narcissus, Lent Lily, Jonquil, Goose Leek, Lent Lily.


It’s used for lust and sex magick to attract love. Useful for any love or sex spells. It is said that this herb should be stored in a container with a quartz crystal. This is a highly toxic plant that can damage your liver. It’s also called: Love Leaf, Mexican Damiana.


The scent of dill is said to stimulate lust. Add grains of dill seed to a bath before going on a date to make yourself irresistible. Used in love & protection charms. Place seeds in muslin and hang in the shower to help you attract women.


Use in a sachet to attract love or in incense to purify initiates. Ground together with vervain and mistletoe for a powerful love powder. Also Called: Yellow Starwort, Elfdock, Elfwort, Horse

elder, Horseheal, Scabwort, Elecampane, Velvet Dock.

Evening Primrose

Magickal uses include love and attracting faeries. Use in ritual baths to increase inner beauty and desirability. Also Called: Fever Plant, Field Primrose, King’s Cure All, Night Willow-herb, Scabish, Scurvish, Tree Primrose, Primrose.


Use in charms or sachets for love magic or spiritual healing. Keep flowers in a suitcase or car when traveling to bring good vibrations. Also Called: Featherfew, Rainfarn, Wild Quinine, Featherfoil, Prairie Dock, Missouri Snakeroot, Flirtwort, Parthenium, and Febrifuge.


This plant promotes openness in those around you;. It helps you attract love, trust, and admiration.


Carry or wear to attract love or friendship. Scatter around a room to bring peaceful vibrations.

Ginkgo Biloba

This aphrodisiac is associated with fertility. The dried nuts represent male fertility. Useful in all creative work. Immerse in water, then remove and keep in the bedroom to gain grace, love, and beauty.


Magickal uses include love, beauty, protection, healing and lust. Carry to draw love, health, money, and sexual potency.


It brings wisdom, tenacity, luck in love, and pleasant dreams.


Associated with love, protection, romance, and weddings. Used to further the romance of a consensual relationship. It’s also called Whin, Prickly Broom, Furze.

Gravel Root

Useful as an altar offering, especially during love magic. Burn or strew about the house to relieve disharmony in the home or remove tensions. An infusion of the herb rubbed on an erect member is said to improve male potency. Also Known as: Meadow Sweet, Bride of the Meadow, Bridewort, Little Queen, and Gravelweed. 


Dried leaves are used in the consecration of ceremonial vessels. Used in love sachets and charms to gain the love of the person desired. Henbane is also known as: Hogs Bean, Devil’s Eye, Henbells, Sukran.


Attracts love if worn close to the heart. Use your temporary tattoos to bring that wanted one near you.


Attracts love and lust, divination, and dreams. Carry in a sachet or burn as incense to attract love. You can also drink hibiscus tea as part of your love ritual.


Holly is associated with marriage, dream magic, luck, and love. When carried by men, is thought to heighten masculinity.


Attracts love, luck, and good fortune. Named after Hiakinthos, Greek God of homosexual love. This is the patron herb for gay men. Wear it to bring healing and protective energies over your love.


Mixing ivy in a sachet with holly makes a great wedding gift. It provides protection to newly married couples.


Use in sachets and spells to draw spiritual love and attract a soul mate.


If feeling unmotivated or weakened, use a juniper smudge to clean any lowering energy. It brings manifestations and new beginnings. Use a string of juniper berries to attract love.

Lady’s Mantle

This aphrodisiac is used in love potions or to increase the power of any magickal workings. It’s also called Nine Hooks, Dewcup, Lion’s Foot, Bear’s Foot, and Stellaria.


This herb is associated with love and protection. If you’re a bride, wear it to guarantee a long and happy marriage. Cook in soups or stews to give more flavor, but it will bring love to your relationships.


Associated with healing, sleep, purification, and peace. Use in love spells and sachets, especially those to attract men.


Use to strengthen existing love.


Add lemon peel to love sachets and mixtures.

Lemon Balm

Associated with love, success, healing, and spiritual development. Use in love charms & spells to attract a partner. Also Called: Melissa, Sweet Balm, Balm Mint, Bee Balm, Blue Balm, and Garden Balm. 

Lemon Grass

It’s used for psychic cleansing and opening, but it can be used in lust potions as well.

Lemon Verbena

You can add it to other herbal mixtures and charms to increase their effectiveness. But you can carry it with you in an amulet to attract the opposite sex. It will increase attractiveness.


Carry this plant to attract a lover. You can also use it in tea for voice restoration, but it shouldn’t be taken in large doses for a long period of time. It’s also called Licorice Root, Yashtimadhu, Mithilakdi, Mulathi, Liquorice, Sweet Root, Lacris, Lacrisse, Lycorys, and Reglisse.


Use it to strengthen love and bring more magnetism to yourself.

Linden Flowers

Used in love mixtures and spells.


Used for attracting love and preventing storms. Also Called: Pokeweed, Indian Tobacco, Bladderpod, Wild Tobacco, Emetic Herb, Emetic Weed, Asthma Weed, Rag Root, Vomit Wort.


Use in sachets, amulets, or bath magick to enhance the attractiveness and make yourself more love-inspiring.

Magnolia Flowers

Magickal uses include health, beauty, love, loyalty, peace, calming anxieties, marital harmony, and overcoming addictions & obsessive behavior. Use in the bath to attract love. The Magnolia Bark is used to bring fidelity, love, and hair growth. Also Called: Cucumber Tree, Blue Magnolia, Swamp Sassafras, Magnolia Tripetala.

Maidenhair Fern

Brings beauty and love into your life.


This aphrodisiac’s magickal uses include protection, prosperity, fertility, and exorcising evil. Carry to attract love.


Great for bath spells! Add an infusion of marigold to your bath and you will find “Mr. Right” in five days. You can also add to sachets, amulets, and incense to attract new love. Or if you’re in a relationship, it will bring life to it.


Use in love spells or place in food to strengthen love.


Useful as an altar offering, especially during love magic. Burn or strew about the house to relieve disharmony in the home or remove tensions. Carry to gain popularity and friendship.


Carry mullein to instill courage and help attract love from the opposite sex. If you’re making love potions, mullein leaves will strengthen your sexual life.


Encourages self-esteem, self-love, and desirability. This plant can assist you in transmuting sexual love into a spiritual connection. Musk also stimulates the root chakra.


Carry myrtle leaves to attract love or true friendship. Or you can burn it as an incense to accentuate your beauty. Wear myrtle while preparing love mixes to increase their intent. Using it in sachets will also ensure a peaceful and loving atmosphere. It’s known as the Bayberry Tree as well.


This plant assures fidelity in love and is used to attract a marriage partner. Inspires fruitfulness and security in love, family, and business. You can also use olive leaf to increase potency and lust.


Attracts happiness through love and marriage. Use the leaves and flowers in love rituals to bring on a marriage proposal. You can also add an infusion of orange to the bath to increase attractiveness and beauty.

Orange Blossoms

Use in herbal baths for attractiveness.

Orange Peel

Add to love sachets to help someone make up their mind.

Orris Root

Promotes popularity, persuasiveness, and personal success. Aids communication and helps to open dialogs. Used to draw and hold on to love and romance.

Orris Root Powder

Called the ‘Love Drawing Powder’ in hoodoo, Orris Root Powder is used to bring love, romance, companionship and a loving mate. Sprinkle on sheets and around the house to draw or hold onto love. You can also place a bit in the corners of the room to open a new love. Use in bath magick to attract the opposite sex.


Associated with love and relationships. Use pansy flowers to remind yourself of self-love and self-expression.


Eat papaya with a loved one to intensify your love. Make it a sexy time!


Mix with jasmine and carry in your shoe to make you more attractive to the opposite sex.


Used in male sex magick to aid any sexual impotency o performance.


Helps to ground you and bring your consciousness back to the physical level. Use in oils to feel more grounded and connected to yourself. This is a great way to manifest self-love.


Did you know that eating peaches induces love? You can also use peach pits or dried fruit in amulets and sachets for fertility and love.


Carry with other herbs to boost love. Also called Brandy


Burn with love incense before having sex with your husband or wife. Periwinkle, also called Sorcerer’s Violet, is poisonous. Please use it with caution.

Pink Rose Buds

Associated with divine, emotional, and love. start with these to build a long lasting relationship.


This small tree can help you break love spells.


It’s associated with healing, peace, and love. Eat with loved ones to promote its magickal properties.


Fertility, prosperity, love and abundance. Used with spells of lunar matters, you can also infuse it in teas to confuse someone for love. Also Called: Opium Poppy, Mawseed.

Poppy Seeds

Consume in desserts to bring awareness to pleasure, love, fertility.


Cut a bit of your hair. Ask for your lover’s permission to give a snippet of their hair too. Burn quassia chips and keep the ashes in a small bottle to preserve the love both of you share.


Use quince seeds in charms and spells about love, protection, and happiness.


Grown radish in your garden for protection and lust.

Raspberry Leaf

Bathe in an infusion of raspberry leaves to keep your current love relationship alive. Do not consume if pregnant.


This plant has become a universal symbol of love. But it’s magickal uses include divine love, close friendships, domestic peace, and lasting relationships. Great for use in incense, potpourri or bath magick.


Is associated with love, fidelity, and self-control.


Rub safflower on the inside of the knees to attract exciting sexual encounters. If you burn safflower on charcoal as an incense, the fumes will help you when you go out in search of sexual partners. This herb specially helps gay men in their search for sexual partners.


This aphrodisiac brings love, happiness, lust and strength. It’s also called: Kum Kuma, Zaffran, Kesar, Autumn Crocus, Spanish Saffron, Dyer’s Saffron, Thistle Saffron, Bastard Saffron, American Saffron, and Parrot’s Corn.

Salt Petre

For women who do not want their partners to have outside relationships, Salt Petre stops any sexual tension. It’s also called Petre Salt, Saltpetre, and Saltpeter.


This plant is associated with sexual vitality and love. Wear and carry it to excite passions and to improve virility. It’s also known as Black Creeper, Sariva, Kalisar, Dudhilata, Sugandhi, Red Sarsaparilla, Tu Fu Ling, and Dwipautra.

Summer Savory

Associated with sensuality, sexuality, and passion. This is a plant that’s great for sex magick! Great to add in your recipes. Also known as Savoury.

Saw Palmetto Berries

Magickal uses include healing protection, exorcism, passion, and spiritual openings. Also Called: Dwarf Palm Tree, Cabbage Palm, Sabal, Sabal Serrulata.


This plant is worn by women to keep their husbands faithful. Place a pinch in a lover’s shoes to keep them from being bewitched by others. Also Called: Skullcap, Scullcap, Hoodwort, Quaker Bonnet, Helmet Flower, European Skullcap, Greater Skullcap, American Skullcap, Blue Skullcap, Blue Pimpernel, Hoodwart, Hooded Willow Herb.


Magickal uses include all matters of lust and love. Bathe with your mate in an infusion of senna to ensure your lover’s faithfulness. It’s also known as Senna Pod, Rajavriksha, Fan Xia Ye, American Senna, Locust Plant, Wild Senna, and Fan Xie Ye.


It’s associated with money, lust, and passion. Use in recipes with love and lustful intentions to attract love.


Use in ritual baths for strength and vitality.


It is said that wetting a picture of a loved one in an infusion of spikenard will keep them close to you. Also Called: Spignet, Life of Man, Pettymorell, Old Man’s Root, Indian Root, Bitter Root, Nard, Nardo.


Served as a love food. Eat strawberries to draw love to yourself.


Use sugar in love spells if you want to attract an unknown male.

Sweet Bugle

Crush and place sweet bugle under the mattress to attract love and marriage prospects.

Sweet Pea

Attracts friends and allies; Draws the loyalty and affection of others.


Associated with love. Make tamarind juice and share it with your loved ones to rekindle love. Or carry with you to attract love.

Tonka Bean

Magickal uses include rituals and spells for love, wishes and courage. If you carry it with you, it will grant you love.


It aids to bring sensuality and serenity, but also helps to calm nerves. Use in love magick to awaken erotic feelings and attract romance. Wear or carry to attract inspiration. Tuberose is also called Mistress of the Night.


It is said that having Valerian Root nearby will settle an argument between a couple. Burn valerian plant for reconciliation in a failing relationship, but all parties must give their permission for this spell to work. Also known as Valerian Root.

Vanilla Bean

Magickal uses include love, lust, passion, and restoring lost energy.

Venus Flytrap

Care for the Venus Flytrap plant to bring love and protection.


Use as an incense to end unrequited love.


For lunar magick and sex magick, watercress will arouse passion. Watercress soup is a great way to use its magickal properties.


Used for lunar magick, drawing or strengthening love, healing, and overcoming sadness. The Willow is considered a sacred wishing tree. Also Called: Osier, Pussy Willow, White Willow, Witches’ Aspirin, Withy, Tree of Enchantment, Saille, Salicin Willow, and Saugh Tree.

Witch Hazel

Magickal uses include chastity and protection. Carry to ease grief over a lost love. Use in a sachet to reduce passions. Use in love spells and spells to ward off evil. Also Called: Winter Bloom, Striped Alder, Spotted Alder, Hazelnut, Snapping Hazel and Tobacco Wood

Wood Betony

Carry in an amulet to draw love and strengthen the body. Burn as incense to banish disharmony in a relationship.

Yarrow Flower

Frequently used in marriage charms and love sachets, the yarrow flower draws in love. It’s said to keep a newly married couple happy for seven years, because the yarrow flower prevents upsetting energy impacting their relationship.

Yerba Mate

This great plant is associated with fidelity, love and lust. Wear it to attract the opposite sex. If you enjoy drinking hot mate, you can spill it on the ground to break off a relationship. Also Called: Mate, Mate Leaf, Green Mate.

Ylang Ylang

Increases sexual attraction and persuasiveness. Also used for peace, love, and faery magick.

Yohimbe Bark

Used in Pagan union rituals because it is associated with love, lust, virility and fertility. It also cures impotency.

Abundance Spells


It’s used for money, platonic love, and friendship.


Put a small jar in the cupboard or pantry to ward off poverty and hunger. Burn in a cauldron and use the ashes in amulets for protection from hunger and poverty. Also Called: Lucerne, Buffalo Herb, Purple Medic


Money, luck, healing, obtaining the treasure. Provides added determination and energy to any spells and charms. Burn crushed allspice to attract luck and money. Also Called: Jamaica Pepper.


It’s associated with wisdom, money, fruitfulness, and prosperity. Carry, wear, or use as incense to attract abundance. If you have an important business decision to make, and you feel indecisive, put a handful of almonds under your pillow. Meditate about the situation and the answer to your crossroads will come to you in your dreams. The next morning, make sure to write down whatever you remember.


Basil is great for abundance spells. Whenever you are short of money, mop the floors of your house with clean hot water and add a bunch of fresh basil leaves. Sprinkle an infusion of basil outside of the building where you hope to be employed for luck in a job interview (be careful not to be seen!) or in your business to attract money and success. You can also wear or carry to aid in attracting money and prosperity.


Associated with good fortune, luck, healing, and stress relief. Burn a white candle sprinkled with bayberry bark for good fortune and money.


An incense of benzoin, cinnamon and basil is said to attract customers to your place of business.


Carry in a sachet while gambling to draw luck and money. This is a powerful plant that will help you attract the success you deserve. Burn at any ritual to increase its power. Also Called: Orange Mint.


Blackberry leaves and berries are said to attract wealth and healing.


This plant will bring you good luck, money, and wealth. Anoint buckeye with money oil or wrap it in a dollar bill for constant increase in money flow. This is a popular Hoodoo charm for gamblers.


Use in charms and spells to obtain treasure, riches, and wealth. To balance your budget, place a bowl of dried peas and buckwheat flour in your home. Toss it away once you have reached a desired financial balance.


Place in corners of the kitchen to prevent hunger & poverty. Use to strengthen and bind spells. Since it’s poisonous, do not consume.

Cascara Sagrada

Useful for legal matters, money spells and protection against hexes. Sprinkle an infusion of the herb around the home the night before court proceedings to help in winning a court case.


It may be used for prosperity and spells. Carry them with you to help you get a job.


Carry a small piece of cedar in your wallet or near your cash to attract wealth.


Add to a sachet or spell to increase the chances of its success. Burn or add to prosperity bags to increase money flow. Wash hands in an infusion of chamomile for luck before gambling or playing cards. You can also keep a packet of chamomile with lottery tickets for luck.


A popular herb for use in charms to draw money and needed prosperity.


The five points of the leaf represent love, money, health, power, and wisdom.


If used as incense, clove can be a powerful tool to attract wealth and prosperity.


Carry as an amulet or use in sachets for luck, attracting money.


Use for workings involving stability, endurance, and matters relating to real estate or property. Put some in your luggage to help prevent loss or theft. You can also use the root in money spells and incenses.


Use dill seeds in money spells.


This plant adds powerful strength to charms, sachets, and herb mixes. Useful for money-drawing magick. Dried flowers can be burned as incense.


Used for money drawing and fertility magick. Use in floor washes to bring money to your household. Place in a jar and add a few seeds every day to increase money flow. Also Called: Greek Hay, Fenugreek, Fenugreek, and Fenugreek Seed.

Flax Seed

Place some in a shoe or in a pocket, wallet, purse, or altar jar with a few coins to ward off poverty.


Carry to draw money as well. Carve a wish into a whole root and throw it into the water to make the wish come true.


It’s used for money spells, prosperity magic, and divination. Also Called: Aaron’s Rod, Woundwort, Sweet Goldenrod, and Solidago.


Beneficial in business dealings and matters of finance. Work into any charm or spell to increase its power. Also Called: Yellow Root, Orange Root, Ground Raspberry, Eye Balm, Indian Paint, Wild Turmeric, and Indian Turmeric.


Fertility, money, mental powers, and garden magick. Grow or consume to enjoy its magical properties.


Increase success in the material world and increase the flow of money. By using hollyhock, you will acquire new possessions. Grow near your home to help bring success and make the family prosper.


Draws money, success, and quick abundance. Use honeysuckle in charms or sachets to attract money.

Irish Moss

For gamblers, it’s an excellent luck herb! Carry or place Irish Moss under rugs to increase luck and ensure a steady flow of money. If you own a business, sprinkle an infusion of the herb around your property to bring in more customers.


Carry or burn the flowers to draw wealth and money.

Jezebel Root

Used for spells and castings for money and achievement.

Job’s tears

This plant brings luck in finding employment, wishes, and blessing. Place three or seven herbs in charms or mojo bags to attract luck, wishes, and money.


Use juniper oil in magickal workings to increase money and prosperity.

Lo John

Also known as Galangal Root, it’s used for money, success, luck. Place it in a cloth bag with silver in it to bring money.


Promotes energy, communication, and vitality. Draws more customers to a business. Place in a wallet or purse, or rub on money to bring wealth and prosperity.


This herb can also be used to draw in customers, money, and good businesses. It’s a poisonous plant. Be cautious!


Magickal uses include attracting money bringing luck, protection, and breaking hexes. Include in money sachets or carry as a good luck charm to increase the intellect. Sprinkle nutmeg powder on green candles for prosperity.

Oak Moss

Magickal uses include luck, money, protection, and strength. Burn Oak Moss in a bowl to draw in money. Or you can rub it against your wallet or purse before investing to ensure success.


Keep a small amount in a wallet or purse to draw in money and prosperity.


You can hang an Olive branch above your doorway to bring peace and goodwill into your home.

Orange Bergamot

Put leaves in your wallet or purse to attract money. Rub fresh leaves on money before it is spent to ensure its return.

Orange Peel

Use in sachets and amulets to bring luck to business negotiations.


Used in spells, sachets, baths, and mixtures for money and love. Put in the wallet or purse to draw money. Burn to bring business growth.


Associated with luck, money, and chastity. Add an infusion of pineapple to the bath to attract good luck.

Red Clover

Put in baths to aid you in financial arrangements. Used in sachets or incense for money, love, fidelity, success, and luck.


Rain, fertility, money, and protection. Use in money spells and fertility charms.


Mix with sandalwood and cinnamon and sprinkle around home or business to draw money.


Place in your wallet or purse to attract money and make the money you have to go farther. Sassafras is used as a prosperity incense.

Squill Root

To draw money, place in a container with a dime, a quarter, and a dollar. Utter a prayer for prosperity.


Add a thyme infusion to the bath regularly to ensure a constant flow of money. Place it in a jar and keep it in the home or at work for good luck.


Place a small amount in cash registers to increase business.


Bury in the yard or keep in the home to encourage wealth, protect from lightning and storms. It will also bring peace.


Victory, protection, and money. Place a pinch in your left shoe before a game and your team will be victorious.

Yellow Dock

Sprinkle an infusion of yellow dock around a place of business to attract customers.

Psychic Enhancement Spells


It’s used for its psychic and spiritual enhancement. .Use in incense to promote a meditative state.

Althea Root

Burn or place in a sachet to bring protection, calm an angry person, and aid psychic powers.


Enhances dreams and psychic ventures.

Arnica Flowers

Increases psychic powers. Use incense before meditating.

Bay Leaf

Place under the pillow (or use in dream pillow) to induce prophetic dreams.


Burn with frankincense during divination or to enhance psychic powers.


Brings courage and psychic powers. Add these flowers in a ritual bath to raise one’s spirits. Carry or burn as an incense to increase courage and strength of character.


Associated with divination, wind spells, psychic powers and prophetic dreams. Add buchu leaves to the bath to enable yourself to foretell the future. Also Called: Bucco, Agathosma Betulina, Bookoo, Bucku, Buku, and Bucco.

Butchers Broom

This plant can also aid you in gaining more psychic powers.

Calendula Flowers

Touch the flowers with bare feet to better understand birds.


Used to have lucid dreams, bring psychic awareness, and access divination.


Associated with mental powers, psychic powers. Keep this in mind next time you use it in your recipes.

Celery Seed

Celery seeds enable mental and psychic powers, concentration. Burn with orris root to increase psychic powers.


Used by solitary practitioners to open the chakras and increase psychic abilities. This herb should be stored in a container with a quartz crystal. Damiana is highly useful in tantra magic, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quests. Warning: consumption of this herb can be toxic to the liver.

Deer’s Tongue

Wear, carry, or sprinkle on your bed increases your psychic powers.


Carry this herb to increase psychic ability, improve memory, encourage rationality, and increase positive outlook. Carrying this plant will bring a humorous and bright outlook when life might seem dark and negative. Also Called: Euphrasia and Casse-lunette.

Galangal Root

Carry for protection, to improve psychic abilities and to bring good health.


Crush the flowers and rub into the forehead to enhance psychic powers. Also Called: Woodbine, Jin Yin Hua, Dutch Honeysuckle, and Goat’s Leaf.

Lemon Grass

It aids in psychic cleansing and opening. Lotus Love, protection, psychic opening, and spiritual growth. Sacred to Egyptian gods, Indian gods, Hermes, Oshun, and Osiris.


Gives you prophetic dreams, energy, and purification. Use in bath spells for psychic cleansing.

Marshmallow Root

Burn as an incense for protection and psychic stimulation.


Associated with spiritual opening, meditation, and healing. This herb has high psychic vibrations that will bring alignment. Burn as a potent incense to bring peace. Burn it for consecration, and blessing of talismans, charms, and magickal tools as well. Increases the power of any incense you make. It is usually burned with Frankincense. Also Called: Molmol, Mirra, Didthin, and Bowl.


Use leaves and berries in amulets promoting psychic powers. Also good for use in luck spells and mixtures. Rowan wood is often used to make wands and divining rods.

Star Anise

Burned as incense to increase psychic awareness & abilities.


Brings peace to the mind and heart. It also enhances the capacity for emotional depth. Add to sachets designed to increase psychic ability.

Uva Ursi

Magickal uses include increasing intuitive and psychic powers. American Indians used Uva Ursi in religious ceremonies. Note: Uva Ursi is poisonous. Please use it with caution. It’s also Called: Bearberry, Bear’s Grape, Foxberry, Crowberry, Hog Cranberry, Kinnikinnick, Mealberry, Arberry, Mountain Box, Mountain Cranberry, Sandberry, Uva Ursi, and Universe Vine.


Raises vibrations, promotes psychic opening, overcomes obstacles, and draws prosperity.

Yarrow Flower

Write on a piece of paper your fears. Then, place it in a yellow flannel bag. Add the Yarrow Flower in as well and carry it with you to overcome them.

Stress Relief Spells


Brings mental clarity and focus. Transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Balm of Gilead

It can be used for protection, healing, de-stressing, and assisting in healing from the loss of a loved one. Use in love sachets; carry for healing, protection, and mending a broken heart. Use to dress candles for any form of magickal healing.

Balsam Fir

This herb breaks up any negativity. Gives you insight and progress against goals.

Bay Leaf

Used to gain strength and psychic powers. Write wishes on the leaves and then burn the leaves to make the wishes come true. Burning bay leaves as incense can lower anxiety.

Bee Pollen

Since bee pollen can be acquired as a supplement, it can help you lower stress and it can also help with feelings of fatigue. It reduces anxiety and in other cases, it can help overcome depression.


Good to burn while using the Tarot or for success in intellectual matters. Smolder for purification.


Burn as incense to de-stress. It’s great for meditation and it brings restful sleep.


Used in spells and charms to increase courage in stressful situations. Also Called: Granny’s Bonnet and Culverwort.


Associated with mental clarity, cleansing, purification, and dispelling negativity. Keep in a room where studying is done to help concentration. Burn a sprig of fern before an exam. Use in sachets and amulets for powerful auric protection.


Add an infusion to the bath for increasing the power and strength of the mind.

Gravel Root

This plant is a great aid during times of distress. Burn or strew around the house to relieve disharmony in the home or remove tensions.


Helps with mental clarity during ritual and it stimulates creativity. This plant helps you bring balance to your personal energies. Excellent for use in home blessings. Place near doorways to keep trouble away. Also Called: White Horehound, Hoarhound, Marrubium, and Bugleweed.

Lemon Balm

This plant is used in healing spells and rituals for those who are suffering from mental or nervous disorders. Also Called: Melissa, Sweet Balm, Balm Mint, Bee Balm, Blue Balm, Cure all, Dropsy Plant, Garden Balm, and Sweet Balm.


Burn or scatter meadowsweet around the house to relieve disharmony. It will remove any tension within the home.

Passion Flower

Placed in house to calm trouble and unwanted arguments and bring peace. Used as a wash to diminish disagreements and stress. If you put a Passion Flower beneath the pillow, it will promote restful sleep even if you’re stressed.


Used in sleep pillows for relaxation and peace. You can use it in bath magick to quiet down any aura of tension and stress. Burn Skullcap for emotional relief. It will dispel disharmony and rowdy situations.


We hope that with this guide, you’ve found the ideal spell for your benefit and emotional growth. Remember that ––yes, these herbs have healing and magical properties–– but your intention is where the real magic lies. 

Like we’ve mentioned before, don’t be afraid to use herbs to cast spells! In this simple guide, we encourage you to use your potential and we invite you to be aware of your magic. With the help of magical herbs and the universe, there’s nothing that can stop you from healing and evolving into an enchanting human being. 

Here, in theMagickalCat, we want to witness your magic! So, let us know which herb you used and how it improved your overall experience in life!

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